Will Canon Release a Full-Frame RF Mount Camera with 100+ Megapixels in 2023?

The latest rumor suggests that “Canon is indeed going to release a full-frame RF mount camera with 100+ megapixels some time in the first half of 2023“. The official announcement could come as early as in Q4 of 2022.

There have been rumors about Canon EOS R high megapixel full-frame camera (EOS R5S?) for quite some time, but this may be the first time that it will appear in 2023. And, There were various rumors about the number of pixels of this camera, such as 75 megapixels, 90 megapixels, over 100 megapixels, but apparently the highest pixel sensor with over 100 million pixels was adopted.

This camera seems to be highly appealing to those who need high resolution anyway, but since high sensitivity performance is a trade-off, it seems that it will be a peaky camera that is not very versatile. If you love recording videos or making movies, you will probably like the Canon EOS R5 or the Canon EOS R6.

Canon EOS R5S Rumored Specifications:

  • Approximately 100MP full-frame CMOS image sensor
  • Improved 5-Axis in-body Image Stabilization
  • “Pixel-shift like feature” to add resolution (Perhaps like Fujifilm’s feature in the GFX 100?). Total resolution “north of 300mp”.
  • The EVF will be larger and higher resolution than the Canon EOS R5
  • Video features are “NOT a focus” of the Canon EOS R5s.
  • No 8K video recording capability
  • Nearly identical body design as the Canon EOS R5.
  • Pricing will be “similar” to the Canon EOS R5.
  • Dual card slots: SD (compatible with UHS-II), CFexpress type B
  • LP-E6NH battery
  • Built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Magnesium alloy body
  • Dust-proof and splash-proof
  • Announcement as early as Q4 of 2022
  • Release in early 2023

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