New Patent: Canon 16-160mm F2-4 Lens for 4/3 Imaging Sensor

Canon has filad a new lens patent for 16-160mm F2-4 Lens compatible with 4/3 sensors.

Example 1

Focal length: 16.47-160.13
F value: 2.27-4.12
Half angle of view: 33.30-3.87
Image height: 10.82
Overall length: 146.48
Back focus: 5.35

Since the image height is 10.8 mm, it seems to be an optical system compatible with the 4 / 3-inch image sensor. Of course, regardless of Micro Four Thirds, it seems that it is for surveillance cameras equipped with a 4 / 3-inch sensor (lens integrated type because the back focus is short).

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