Samyang MF 14mm f/2.8 RF and 85mm f/1.4 RF Lenses Announced

Samyang has officially announced the new Samyang MF 14mm f/2.8 RF Lens and Samyang MF 85mm f/1.4 RF Lens for Canon EOS R & EOS RP full frame mirrorless cameras. Pricing and availability are not yet announced.

Samyang MF 14mm f/2.8 RF Lens specifications


Samyang MF 85mm f/1.4 RF Lens specifications

Press Release:

First Canon RF Mount lenses from SAMYANG
MF 14mm F2.8 RF & MF 85mm F1.4 RF
On February 28, 2019, Samyang Optics (, a global optics brand, launches its first two lenses in Canon RF mount: : MF 14mm F2.8 RF MF 85mm F1.4 RF, as part of the ‘Spring Collection’.
Responding quickly to the latest camera market with advanced technology 
As there are currently no Canon EOS R EOS RP camera lenses from brands other than Canon itself, Samyang’s new RF mount launch announcement is a fast response to customer demmarket trends. It also proves the competitiveness of Samyang as a leading optical manufacturer.
Launching two RF mount lenses from the viewpoint of end users
Samyang’s existing line-up includes a wide variety of lenses, from ultra-wide angle to telephoto. Their first two RF mount lenses reflect key models in the existing wide-angle telephoto lens line-up, which shows Samyang’s commitment development strategy, based on consumer demconvenience.
The Samyang MF 14mm F2.8 RF is an ultra-wide-angle, manual-focus lens with excellent sharpness, even at its maximum aperture. The 115.7˚ wide angle of view is suitable fshooting landscapes, interiors, etc. the lens hood effectively blocks unwanted light so you can shoot freely. The Samyang MF 85mm F1.4 is a cherished lens design, loved by photographers fits beautiful bokeh. The new MF 85mm F1.4 RF is ideal ftop quality portraiture still images with its vivid colours smooth out-focus quality.
Both lenses minimise aberration unnecessary light dispersion through the use of Samyang’s exceptional optical technology Ultra Multi Coating (UMC). In addition, a new exteridesign weather sealing provide a contemporary simple look that matches well with mirrorless cameras, along with protection from light rain snow.
Available Soon
The first two RF lenses from Samyang will be displayed at CP+ 2019 (an international comprehensive camera photo imaging show in Japan / Feb 28th – Mar 3rd) Samyang will provide hands-on experience to visitors during the show. The MF 14mm F2.8 RF & MF 85mm F1.4 RF will be available soon on the market.