Canon RF Patents: 400mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 2000mm Catadioptric Lenses

Canon has filed several new RF mount catadioptric IS super telephotos lens patents for the 400mm f/3.6 IS, 800mm f/5 IS, 1200mm f/8 IS, 1200mm f/10.5 IS, 2000mm f/15 IS lenses.

Canon RF 400mm f/3.6 IS
Focal Length: 399.12
F-Number: 3.57
Half Angle of view: 3.10
Image height: 21.64
Overall Lens Lenght: 206.85
Back Focus: 59.29

Canon RF 800mm f/5 IS

Canon RF 1200mm f/8 IS

Canon RF 1200mm f/10.5 IS
Focal Length: 1199.87
F-Number: 10.58
Half Angle of view: 1.03
Image height: 21.64
Overall Lens Lenght: 275.87
Back Focus: 123.44

Canon RF 2000mm f/15 IS
Focal Length: 1999.72
F-Number: 15.00
Half Angle of view: 0.62
Image height: 21.64
Overall Lens Lenght: 331.40
Back Focus: 93.81

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