What Canon’s Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Needs to Be Successful

Canon is allegedly working on three full frame mirrorless cameras, which are in different stages of development. We know Canon is behind Sony and Fuji in the mirrorless competition. So 2018 should the right time for Canon to announce one full frame mirrorless monster like Sony a7R III ($3,198) or Sony a9 ($4,498), which will be a big project for Canon and a big hit for the mirrorless market.

Fstoppers posted an article today outlining what they think Canon’s full frame mirrorless camera needs to be successful:

Keep The EF Mount

I really can’t stress how important it is for Canon to keep the EF mount for its pro-level mirrorless system. The EF-M mount can be used for mid-range and entry-level mirrorless cameras, but the EF mount must remain for their pro system. Canon’s main advantage is the fact that they have such a vast number of incredible lenses. They may, in fact, have the best lens lineup on the market. If they develop another mount for their pro-level mirrorless system, that will spark the beginning of the end for the EF mount. Getting rid of this major advantage is extremely ill-advised and one of the worst decisions they could ever make.

No Adapters!

For the love of god, no. Adapters are not convenient. They are horrible, ineffective, bad solutions for a problem that doesn’t need to exist. Stick with the EF mount!

Expected Features

Here is a quick list of features that Canon needs to have as standard:

  • Full-frame 4K capability with a more efficient codec
  • 1080p at 120 fps
  • Better dynamic range of at least 14 stops
  • Log profiles as standard
  • Focus peaking
  • Flip-out touchscreen
  • Dual card slots
  • Focus stacking
  • A fully developed time-lapse feature
  • A minimum of 9 frames per second continuous shooting speed

Recommended Features

There are some features that I strongly recommend Canon consider; however, I doubt these are features we will see in a Canon camera anytime soon.

  • Built-in sensor stabilization (not just an electronic version of this)
  • Pixel Shift technology coupled with Dual Pixel raw files
  • 16-bit raw files (seriously though, this would be amazing)
  • Better Wi-Fi with a better app
  • Native ISO 50
  • 15 stops of dynamic range or more

What do you expect from Canon full frame mirrorless camera?

Reminder: Canon is sending out “very elaborate” invitations to select dealers and VIPs for a major mirrorless camera announcement next month, just before the CP+ show 2018 which will start on March 1, 2018

You can read the full article at Fstoppers.

Found via CanonRumors