Cyber Monday Deals: Canon EOS R With Deluxe Accessories Kit Bundle for $1,599

Hot Canon Cyber Monday Deals 2021: now you can get the new Canon EOS R body with deluxe accessories kit Bundles for $1,599. Really amazing deals, so just get it right now before out of stock!

I’m linking to one of the Canon EOS R FREEbie bundles and you can find the rest by clicking on the tabs for the various other options over there.

Canon EOS R body + Free 128GB SD Card, Bag, Microphone, RGB Light: $1,599 at B&H.

Canon EOS R body + Free 64GB SD Card, Tripod: $1,599 at Adorama.

Canon EOS R body + Free 64GB SD Card, Microphone, Bag, LED Light & more: $1,599 at Adorama.

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