Confirmed: Canon EOS R3 Sensor is Canon Designed and Manufactured

It is now confirmed that the Canon EOS R3 sensor is Canon designed and manufactured.

On April 14 Canon officially announced the development of the EOS R3 full-frame mirrorless camera and thay stated that the upcoming EOS R3 sensor “will feature Canon’s first-ever full-frame backside-illuminated stacked CMOS sensor that it designed in-house.”

But nearly a month after Canon EOS R3 development announcement, some sites reported that the sensor in the upcoming Canon EOS R3 could made by Sony.

To put an end to speculations, Canon has reiterated in no uncertain terms that it is not only the designer of the new sensor but also its manufacturer (via PetaPixel).

The sensor in the upcoming EOS R3 camera is Canon designed and manufactured.

This is the same statement that the company said to journalists in April ahead of the Canon EOS R3’s official development announcement.

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Via: PetaPixel