Canon RF Patents: 40mm f/1.1, 35mm f/1.0, 32mm f/0.95 Cinema Lenses

Canon has filed several new RF mount lens patents for the 40mm f/1.1, 35mm f/1.0 and 32mm f/0.95 Lenses, which are designed for RF mount Cinema cameras.

Canon Mirrorless Reduced 40mm F1.1

  • Focal length 40.14mm
  • F-number 1.13
  • Half-angle 20.24°
  • Image height 14.80mm
  • Lens Overall length 93.90mm
  • BF 11.81mm

Canon Mirrorless Reduced 35mm F1.0

  • Focal length 36.54mm
  • F-number 1.03
  • Half-angle 22.05°
  • Image height 14.80mm
  • total lens length 91.95mm
  • BF 10.70mm

Canon Mirrorless Reduced 32mm F.95

  • Focal length 33.45mm
  • F-number 0.94
  • Half angle of view 22.42°
  • Image height 13.80mm
  • Lens total length 91.91mm
  • BF 9.73mm

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