Canon RF Patents: 300mm f/2.3 & 400mm f/5 Lenses

Canon has filed a new RF lens patent for 300mm f/2.3 and 400mm f/5 lenses for Canon full frame mirrorless cameras.

[Publication number] P2023013456
[Publication date] 2023-01-26
[Patent application title] Optical system and optical equipment

Example 1 (300mm F2.3)
Focal length 298.89
F number 2.28
Half angle of view (°) 4.14
Image height 21.64
Lens length 177.20
Back focus 65.95

Example 2 (400mm F5)
Focal length 408.04
F number 5.00
Half angle of view (°) 3.04
Image height 21.64
Lens length 189.17
Back focus 47.69

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