Canon EOS R5 Mark II Will Have 8K60p and 4K240p Video?

Canon is anticipated to unveil the Canon EOS R5 Mark II in early 2024, most likely ahead of the CP+ event in February. While prototypes of the camera have reached Canon’s dedicated test photographers, the final feature set remains undisclosed.

The objective for Canon is to elevate the EOS R5 Mark II to the forefront of its segment in terms of specifications, encompassing improvements in both still photography and video capabilities. It’s speculated that the EOS R5 Mark II will enhance its 8K video framerate to 60fps in RAW format. However, uncertainties persist regarding whether achieving this framerate would necessitate additional power or enhanced cooling mechanisms.

Intriguingly, Canon has unveiled a detailed patent for an external cooler designed for EOS R cameras, displaying an extra battery slot in the illustrations. This innovation could potentially supply more power to the camera and drive the active cooling fan in the accessory.

There are ongoing rumors concerning the image sensor resolution for the EOS R5 Mark II, with suggestions of both 45mp and 60mp being tested. The technical aspect favors the 45mp sensor due to potential challenges associated with pixel binning for RAW shooting with a 60mp sensor. Despite sources leaning towards the likelihood of a 60mp sensor, a 45mp sensor seems more practical and positions Canon to release a high-megapixel version in the future.

Furthermore, reports suggest a substantial enhancement in the 4K video framerate. Given the current EOS R5 offers 120fps, a “massive” bump in framerate could imply 240fps, a noteworthy advancement. This signals a shift for Canon, moving away from lagging behind in specifications.

While many details regarding the EOS R5 Mark II remain elusive, increasing mentions of the camera make the anticipated February 2024 announcement date seem increasingly plausible.

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