Canon EOS R5 Mark II Announcement in February 2024?

The Canon EOS R5 Mark II is progressing through its development phases, marking a significant step as it enters the initial production stage. Having successfully concluded the prototype phase, Canon is now actively engaged in the subsequent steps, focusing on tooling and parts allocation.

According to credible regional sources, the official announcement for the EOS R5 Mark II is slated for February 2024. Multiple sources have consistently hinted at this timeframe, suggesting that the announcement might take various forms, such as a teaser campaign, development announcement, or a comprehensive product launch.

A particularly reliable source claims that the camera’s availability is expected shortly after the official announcement, adding an element of anticipation for enthusiasts. While rumors regarding the specifications of the EOS R5 Mark II circulate, concrete details are yet to emerge. As preparations for production are underway, speculations about its features, including the possibility of a stacked sensor, are likely to surface soon. With the announcement set for February, the unveiling may coincide with the CP+ event, creating heightened curiosity and excitement among photography enthusiasts.

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Via: TheCameraInsider