Canon EOS R1 Will Be Announced in the 2nd half of 2023

It seems that the Canon EOS R1 will not come until the second half of 2023.

A retailer told me that it is better not to expect the appearance of Canon EOS R1 until the latter half of 2023, and it seems that “EOS R1” will not appear immediately.

Canon and its competitors are running out of stock, which is not so surprising, and Canon wants to expand its lens lineup before the “EOS R1” comes out.

I’m guessing that the “EOS R1” will be a camera body that will make a full-scale transition to professionals using the “EOS-1D X Series”. Although some have already moved to “EOS R3”, it seems that many news agencies have not yet purchased Canon mirrorless cameras due to lack of goods.

He commented that it would be an economic priority to enhance the lineup of RF-mount lenses, including the successors to the “EOS RP” and “EOS R” before the “EOS R1”.

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