Canon Full Frame Mirrorless Announcement Will Come after Photokina 2018

Nikon will officially announce two new full frame mirrorless cameras on August 23rd, 2018: Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7. So, what about Canon full frame mirrorless camera? A solid source said that there is no official Canon full frame mirrorless announcement before Photokina 2018. So most of the mirrorless hype will belong to Nikon ahead of Photokina 2018.

Although we don’t know the exact announcement date, Canon is expected to address their mirrorless cameras after Photokina 2018, most probably in October.

The previous rumor said Canon is working hard on two “prosumer” full frame mirrorless cameras: The flagship one will come first (the mirrorless version of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV), and 6 to 8 months later the lower-end secone model will be introduced.

And there is still a possibility of a development announcement for a Canon full frame mirrorless camera before Photokina 2018.

So, let’s wait for Canon…to announce one full frame mirrorless monster like Sony a7R III ($3,198) or Sony a9 ($4,498).

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Via: CanonRumors