Canon EOS RC Budget Mirrorless Camera Coming in the First Half of 2021

We have to admit that the Canon RF mount mirrorless camera will be the future for Canon especially after the big announcements of Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6, which are now selling like hot cakes. Currently, Canon has four RF mount full frame mirrorless cameras on the market: Canon EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS R and EOS RP. The Canon EOS RP is currently the cheapest RF-mount mirrorless camera priced at $999.

The latest rumor suggests that Canon is planning to introduce a new “EOS RC” entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera positioned below the EOS RP in the first half of 2021. This Canon EOS RC (name is NOT confirmed yet) mirrorless camera will be priced under $999 USD. Other detailed information is still unknown at the time of writing.

In addition, Canon will announce a new EOS M7 high-end flagship mirrorless camera in Q4 of 2020, which is rumored to be the last EF-Mount mirrorless camera ever!

Tony Northrup has talked about this Canon EOS RC budget mirrorless camera. Just check out!

Anyway, the Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6 are now selling like hot cakes, order now if you are interested.

Canon EOS R5 body: $3,899 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Canon EOS R5 with 24-105mm f/4L Lens: $4,999 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Canon EOS R6 body: $2,499 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Canon EOS R6 with 24-105mm f/4-7.1 Lens: $2,799 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

Canon EOS R6 with 24-105mm f/4L Lens: $3,599 at AmazonB&HAdorama.

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Via: CanonRumors